How does it work?

Paint Party Night is a fun way to spend the night out. We will guide you through the painting step-by-step so you leave with a finished masterpiece to take home. To complete the painting experience we will provide complimentary snacks and drinks for you to enjoy while you paint and socialize.

Each Party has its own painting theme where you will learn how to recreate the chosen artwork with a twist of your own. Of course creativity is encouraged and you do not have to stick entirely to the suggested step-by-step process. You may even find yourself enjoying your new found talent enough to want to take art lessons to learn more. We can help you with that too!

Where are the paint parties held?

Most parties will be held in suitable bars and restaurants at various locations in town. Private paint parties can be held at our venue or yours.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. You do not have to bring anything other than yourself! We will supply all the materials such as the canvases, brushes, aprons as well as the drinks and snacks.

How much does it cost?

The standard cost is $30. Discount coupons are available to if 8 or more participants are guaranteed.

Will my hands get paint on them?

Yes, they probably will! Acrylic paint does come off with soap and warm water. Some of it may require a bit of scrubbing.

Will my clothes get paint on them?

We hope not! We will provide plastic aprons to help protect your clothes. Preferably if you know you will be attending a paint party that day, rather don’t wear your best clothes in case!

How long is each party?

A typical paint party is 2 hours long with a break in the middle to stretch and get refreshments.

Can kids attend a paint party?

Yes, they may as long as they are 7 years or older. Please bear the subject matter of each painting in mind and the suitability thereof.

Will there be kids paint parties?

Absolutely! You may book a private one for your kids birthday and when school is back in the fall, we will be doing some kids paint parties. Please note that the minimum age remains 7 or older.